Painful preparation

There is one thing that I have been avoiding for months, but I was recently forced to get on with it.
I have known for a long time that I really need to get my teeth checked before I set off. I wouldn’t want to have something dramatic happen in my teeth mid-Atlantic. Just as well something dramatic did happen a couple of weeks ago, which forced me to visit the dentist. I was eating a salad in the evening when it felt like I bit into a tiny pebble or a grain of sand. I cleaned the salad and gunk out of my mouth and realised that half a tooth was missing!
A visit to the dentist confirmed that I had lost an old filling, and that there was a cavity underneath.
All I can say is that spending 2 1/2 hours with a German dentist, over three sessions and including one root canal procedure is not as fun as it sounds. To give her credit it wasn’t as painful as it was uncomfortable, but not something that made it into my “highlights of the week”.
The positive side, of course, is that it forced me to go to the dentist – something I probably wouldn’t have got around to otherwise.

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