Mini Transat Fun Fact #1

How many boat lengths is the Mini Transat race?
As we get closer to the race, I am trying to intersperse my blog posts with some fun facts about the race. Here is my first effort.
The race is advertised as 1,100 nautical miles (first leg) and 3,100 nautical miles (second leg) for a total of 4,200 miles.
There are 1852 meters in a nautical mile [another fun fact – this is not an approximation. A nautical mile is defined as 1852 meters. This was internationally recognized as the definition of a nautical mile in 1929.], so the race will be 7,778,400 meters (that is 7,778.4 kilometers).
Minis are 6.50 meters in length, so that amounts to 1,196,677 boat lengths. Yes, over one million boat lengths!
Would the race seem shorter if I had a longer boat?
Last race (2009) the typical time for Leg 1 was about 7 days, and the typical time for Leg 2 (for production boats) was about 21-22 days.

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