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First sail of the year – and race programme


I was back in Lorient for another weekend of training, and this time I managed to get out on the water.  Saturday saw perfect conditions, with sunny breaks and about 10-12 knots of wind.  I managed to get out for several hours and do some upwind and downwind work.

The forecast called for a westerly swell of 1-2 meters (more…)




There are a lot of mini sailors that have various levels of sponsorship, and now I have joined that illustrious group.  Sort of.

Spinlock has been kind enough to offer me a few clutches, to replace some of my old ones.  Importantly, they’ve offered me some high-load clutches for the spinnaker guys.  These ropes take the lateral load of the bowsprit.  They are very highly loaded and because of the very poor angle, a tiny difference at the clutch can make a big difference at the pole end.

I already changed the lines over the winter, going from 8mm to 10 mm dyneema, in order to avoid stretch.  Now I have new clutches to complete the package.

Thanks Spinlock!

First weekend of 2011


Well, I managed to make it to Lorient for a first weekend of training.  Weather conditions were absolutely perfect for Saturday – 10 to 12 knots of breeze, mostly sunny skies.  And a boat that wasn’t ready to go sailing.

The morning was spend meeting with the electrician and boat builder (more…)

Ten Days Alone


Ten Days Alone

It has taken a while to get it onto the blog, but here is the story of my 10-day, 1,000 mile qualifier.

 I cast Black Mamba off from the pontoon in Douarnenez at 10:35 am on Tuesday, 22 June, 2010 bound for Lorient, about 90 miles south. (more…)